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Caramel Maple Praline - Limited Edition Fall Flavor

Caramel Maple Praline - Limited Edition Fall Flavor

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Caramel Maple Praline

This tea is a blend of vanilla oolong, rooibos, cacao nibs, cinnamon, chicory, cardamom, cloves, safflower, dehydrated apples, pecans, dark chocolate, marigolds, and maple flavored caramel pieces [organic coconut cream, coconut water, organic brown rice syrup, organic sugar cane, organic maple syrup, maple flavoring, sea salt, xanthan gum]

contains coconut and tree nuts

1.4 oz tin

Steep 3-5 min at 210 degrees fahrenheit

Speak your positive intentions over your tea before you sip


Additional Inclusions and Add-Ins

Add Rock Sugar

  • Tea rock sugar

Add Mugwort 

  • This herb is helpful for stress relief and relaxation. It has an herbal taste to it and will add a noticeable herbal taste to the tea blend. 

Add Ashwagandha

  • This is an adaptogenic herb. Helps to improve mood and relieve stress

Add Valerian Root

  • This herb helps to relax into a calming sleep. 
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