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Chrysalis Incense

Chrysalis Incense

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Chrysalis Incense

Each Order is for 3 Incense/$5.55

If you love the Chrysalis Oil, then you will love these incense made from the same blend. They feature a very woodsy grounding scent --a blend of Indian Sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, and lavender. 

All incenses are hand-rolled on lavender stems.* They are coated in clear quartz dust which gives them a lovely shimmer. Clear quartz holds your intentions. Speak your positive intentions over your incense feeling a sense of appreciation and gratitude. 


New Recipe

These incense have been upgraded. They now feature dark amber resin, an increased amount of essential oils, and rare black frankincense.


*The size of your complete order will determine the packaging. We will always choose the most cost-effective packaging. We will try our best to include complete lavender stems including blossoms on your incense, but if they cannot fit them we will trim them. If you would absolutely like the blossoms on your incense please send an email to including your order number and your request. 

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