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Dream Interpretation Class | 28 January | 11 AM ET - 2PM ET

Dream Interpretation Class | 28 January | 11 AM ET - 2PM ET

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Class Description:

11AM - 2PM ET

In this class, you will learn (2) techniques to use with your dreams to identify dream images and patterns, create associations, and identify messages from your unconscious mind for self-transformation, personal development, and growth.

You will explore the following techniques:

  • The Robert Johnson Dream Interpretation Technique
  • The Eugene Gendlin Dream Interpretation Technique

Both of these techniques are completely different –one works with the body and the soma to identify deeper meanings of dreams and the other works with dream images and associations in order to identify deeper meanings of dreams. 

By the end of this class you will be able to:

  • Identify significant dream images and patterns
  • Use the felt-sense technique to identify dream messages from the body/soma
  • Create associations between dream images and your waking life
  • Use 4 checks and balances to create a harmonious dream interpretation
  • Create goals and rituals based on your dreams for self-transformation, personal development, and self-care

*Please note: this workshop is intended for individuals to learn self-dream interpretation and is not geared towards professionals learning to interpret other people’s dreams. Please bring a personal dream that is written down and divided into beginning, middle, and end.

Once enrolled, you will receive a zoom link invitation the day of the class along with digital copies of the handouts. There are no refunds. You may send all questions to

Who is Your Teacher?

Aaron is a Certified Metaphysical Life coach who also holds certifications in Instructional Design & Adult Learning Methodologies as well as his Yoga Nidra Teacher's Certification. He helps individuals transform their life via goal achievement, habit development, and self-exploration in the 7 areas of life (health and fitness, relationships, career, finance, personal development, spirituality, and recreation).

What makes him different than other life coaches?

He teaches using metaphysical techniques like dream work and lucid dreaming, Mindfulness Meditation (Shamatha), Yoga Nidra, the Emotional Freedom technique (EFT), as well as structured self-care to help you meet your goals and create a life full of wellbeing.

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