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Elite Noble Shungite Necklace w/ Hematite Accent

Elite Noble Shungite Necklace w/ Hematite Accent

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Elite Noble Shungite Necklace w/ Hematite Accent

This necklace features beautiful hand-weaving using copper wire. It has a high quality Elite Noble Shungite adorned with a rose cut hematite accent.

Elite Noble Shungite is a stone of purification as well as protection. This is to be sure some of the HIGHEST quality shungite you've ever seen --very shiny and full of luster. 

Hematite is a stone of balance. It helps to promote the energy of focus, concentration, memory, and the positive functionality of the brain. It is also a grounding stone that connects the wearer with the earth.

*All rings are pictured unfinished so that they can be sized appropriately. Standard size is 7. Please send a message to after you have placed your order with your ring size. I will also reach out to you to get the appropriate size. Timely communication is appreciated. 72 hours after no response rings will be sent out in the standard size/the size they were created in.


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